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Welcome to All Care Education, where we believe in empowering minds and igniting success. As a leading provider of after-school educational support, we are dedicated to nurturing students of all ages, from various academic standards, in their quest for knowledge. With our team of highly experienced tutors, creating an environment that sparks a love for learning and prepares students for lifelong success. Join us on this educational journey where potential thrives and dreams take flight.



Our mission is to provide the highest-quality of “after school” educational support (tutorials, enrichment, guidance) to students of all ages and from all academic standards. Our center’s programs and facilities are designed to host deep and efficient learning, where students will develop critical academic, thinking, and personal competencies for immediate and lifelong application.

Many of our instructors are graduates of top global or Philippine universities and possess master’s/PhD’s. ALL our tutors are highly experienced, passionate, and proven experts in their respective fields. Not just to deliver content or “instruct”, our teachers are committed to listening, inspiring confidence, and especially helping students foster independence and a love for learning.

Furthermore, at our center, we practice personalized learning. We understand that every student has unique strengths, weaknesses, and learning styles. Therefore, we tailor our teaching methods and curriculum to meet the individual needs of each student. Through different engagement options (one-on-one or small group), integrated technology (multimedia content, visuals, learning management systems, gamified elements), direct feedback, regular progress tracking (diagnostic, formative, summative assessments), offline and online office-hours, we ensure that students receive the attention andpersonal support they deserve to succeed academically.

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